Chatty ride home

PB and I are in the car driving to Philly. We are chatting and listening to talk radio. My awesome cuz drove me to mystic so I wouldn’t have to make pb drive all the way back up to get me. We are trying to miss the crazy Friday traffic so we had stacy’s chips and shared an orange for now. I had wayyy too many cinnamon sugar chips, but in my defense I was really hungry!

After snacking I asked pb if he felt guilt for eating so many chips. He said no, because he chose to eat them.I wish I could feel no guilt either! Interesting how different men and women think.

We think we will make it back in time to work out quickly. Yay!

I’ll be back later with more food and pics of us in our Halloween costumes- I can’t waitto put mine on!


10 responses to “Chatty ride home

  1. I have trouble not eating too many of the Stacy’s cinnamon sugar chips too. When we buy them I usually tell Bobby not to let me have any 😦

    It’s so unfair how guys not only don’t feel guilty about what they eat, but they seem not to think about it at all. Bobby only thinks about food when he’s really hungry, he doesn’t worry about how much he eats, and he just has a really good relationship with it.

    Have a great day with PB and happy Halloween!!

  2. Have a safe trip and a lovely Halloween, Sabrina!!

  3. anytime for my fabulous cuz!

  4. I know, I don’t think Jeff has ever considered the calories in the food he eats. I’m so jealous. Why do we women to this to ourselves?

  5. Can’t wait to see the Halloween costumes. I love the cinnamon sugar pita chips!

  6. Those sound so yummy. And I too wish I could feel no guilt…I feel guilty about OATMEAL!! Someday….

  7. I love those pita chips- I have no self control with them (however :)). I can’t wait to see the pics! Hope you have a fun weekend !!

  8. Wow, funny you should say that about guys….Chad and I have that convo ALL the time.

    I always feel guilty when I do something like that, or when I want to lose weight and I’m frustrated because I ate too many calories, etc…Chad will just say “just eat less then, why is that so hard?” or, my favorite is when I overeat because something is SOOO good. Then I complain and Chad will just go “Why not quit when you’re full? It’s not that hard!”….UGH! 🙂

  9. I just said, “Mark, do you ever feel food guilt. He said, “No.” I said , “Why?” He said, “Because it’s up to me whether I put the food in my mouth. I take full responsibility.”

    I think I (and maybe other women) sometimes make it too emotional (i.e. I have to have that cupcake/ice cream/cookie), when really it is not. It’s just food. I (and other women) can just say no!

    Also, great costume and it looks like you had such fun with Julz and Lins.

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