Clif Z-bar Giveaway Winners!!!

I didn’t even know where to start with this one. Contests sure are fun though. I received so many amazing entries, and every time I received one I thought that that one would be a winner for sure, only to then receive another amazing entry.

After thinking about the entries all of Sunday and yesterday (while napping and reading on the airplane) I still couldn’t decide. So, I decided to pick 5 winners!!!! Here they are, in no particular order, with their entries and part of my reason for picking them:


I’ve never had a Zbar before
I’ve been trying to find healthy snacks to have at work
My husband LOVES Clif products and he made me promise I’d share if I won , and I don’t like to disappoint 🙂
We’re both Cranston girls (even though we’re from rival high schools)
I’ve never won a blog contest before
***I just couldn’t refuse a fellow RI girl some Z-bar love!

Julz from

1) My brother thought healthy food + Whole Foods were BEYOND NASTY. He wouldn’t step foot in that place (WEIRDO!!!!!!), but when I got him to try the first spotted Clif ZBar two years ago, it changed EVERYTHING! The flavor was Honey Graham and it was the food that completely 180’d his lifestyle. He is now a BROWN RICE ONLY, WHOLE WHEAT, reduced-fat, light-mayo, VANILLA CHOBANI (!!! This was adored by Jimmy yesterday! I nearly kissed the SKY!!), lean-meats, etc. LOVA. He eats Clif Bars pre-workout, has gotten SO BUFF and even more gorgeous than before (he’s SO handsome to begin with) and so healthy! Aaaand his girlfriend who used to only eat potatoes and pasta (and was SO underweight doing so, go figure) is now JUST LIKE HIM and Looooved the zbars and whole wheats and brown rice, etc and is healthier and more beautiful than ever1 Seriously, they are BOTH glowing (Not from LOVE, obvi, but from all of the Clif ZBars they consume! hehe). And I couldn’t be happier! They LITERALLY changed his life 🙂
2) The most amazing way to eat a BlueBerry ZBar is to heat it up in the microwave (or oven!!) for 20 seconds over a bed of thawed frozen blueberries and then throw on top of that a dollop of greek yogurt (or a serving… totally preferred over a “dollop” hehehe) and some toasted almonds and LORD! You have just died and gone to HEAVEN! (Thiis took MAD trial and error, btw… pshh, yeah right, we eat them 24/7 ha!) Also amazing with some quick soaked oats thrown in there 😉
3) Just a fun fact… The LUNA TEACAKES are TOTALLY Clif Z Bars cut in half! GO buy one and see! So funny 🙂
5) I LOVE THEM, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, MY Brother loves them SO much and it would be like Christmas for him (or Chanukah…tehehe)! Really they’d go to him, though I would totally snag 1 or 2 for myself!

**With an answer like this, how could she not win? I especially love the recipe tossed in there!

Ashley B
1 – i am a poor college student and don’t have the fund to buy z bars very often
2 – over the summer i was studying for the mcat and between sections i would eat a z bar to refuel, so i consider them brain fuel
3 – z bars are the perfect size to keep in my pencil pouch so i will be able to keep them with me during class so i can snack while on the god
4 – i have only had the brownie and chocolate chip flavors so i am curious to try the other ones
5 – i zhink zee z bars are zeeeeeeelicious!
**I felt like a student had to be one of the winners, and I loved Ashley B’s entry.
Kath from
  1. This week is my BIRTHDAY!
  2. I haven’t gotten hooked on them yet and need to try more flavors (especially S’mores because I love marshmallow).
  3. My dad’s name is CLIFF!
  4. I eat real food. And Z-bars are REALly good 🙂
  5. This week is my BIRTHDAY!

**It’s her birthday week. ‘Nuff said.

My roomie Raz
**This entry just had me laughing so hard because I never thought she would think she had to enter to win!!! I would have shared anyway!
Please email me (rhodeygirltests @ gmail dot com) your addresses so I can send these off today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you all for your awesome entries. I really wish I could have shared the Z-bar love with you all!!!

7 responses to “Clif Z-bar Giveaway Winners!!!

  1. Congratulations to everyone!!!!! 😀

  2. awwwww congrats to all the winners – i wish i had a chance to post to enter the contest hehe! i totally forgot 🙂

  3. I would not be able to refuse a fellow Rhodey Girl either.

    Congrats to all!

  4. Congrats to the winners!Z-bars rock!

  5. How awesome- congrats girls! Cute responses 🙂

  6. hahah i LOVE the responses to this contest!
    CONGRATS z-bar winners! you’ll LOVE them 😀


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