Hi all! Well, we made it! Sorry for no pics but I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to turn in my phone during the flight haha!!

TF Green airport has new options for food now including a starbucks so my cousin and I went for it! I had a small iced coffee with milk and we shared an oatmeal raisin cookie!

Then in the rest of the flight time I had a ton of water, plane wheat thins (thank you southwest), half of a cucumber and I think that’s it?

Thank you all for sharing your married last names with me! I have always wanted to take PBs name and I can’t wait to but I had never thought I would decide to not use my last name as my middle one! It’s amazing how one can just change her mind when it is time for an actual decision!!!!

Ok we are still onthe plane and I just want to get off so I can hug PB!!!!!

Happy almost Friday!


2 responses to “Landed!

  1. glad you got there safe!!! have a great time!

  2. So exciting! Have lots of fun:)

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