What to do when you mess up a recipe.

On Sunday I made stuffed peppers for PB and I. It was a nostalgic thing to make as my mom made them often when I was growing up. Sadly, however, I never learned to make them with her as she always made them while I was at school!

I made an error in not soaking the rice first in boiling water, but simply in warm water. This totally messed up the whole dish. It ended up taking SO LONG to get the rice to cook, and by the time it did the peppers were all smooshy and collapsed when my tongs touched them. I was sad. i salvaged two of them for dinner but the rest were ruined. I am not one to waste food and they tasted so amazing so I tossed the pepper mish mash into a pyrex, topped it with the tomato sauce it goes with, added some shredded mozz, and broiled it. It ended up being really good! If we were planning on having guests over I would have been really sad, but luckily I tested this out on the two of us first. Next time I’ll follow an actual recipe.

I had one little serving for lunch today, and sent the rest home with the boy. It was extremely tasty, and the picture does not do it justice.

Oh! and yesterday morning I got a lovely package from Gina. Thank you so so much for the Z-bars!!! I had one right away and it was so awesome! I hope I can find them in Rhodey soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And must I mention the monthly need for a take 5 bar? I had two mini halloweenies, didn’t take a picture bc I must have not been thinking straight. Banishing these from my view immediately!


9 responses to “What to do when you mess up a recipe.

  1. Hehe, take 5’s are so yummy.

    I hate wasting food too, and I LOVE coming up with ways to salvage recipes! Sounds like you did a great job 🙂

  2. You saved the recipe!! Hooray!! 😀

    And hooray for packages from amazing bloggers!!

  3. Rhodey means Rhode Island!?!? Never made the connection! D’oh!

  4. Ooh, hope that package didn’t spook you ! 😉 way to salvage that one, i’ve done that sort of thing before!!

  5. great save with the recipe! sounds like it would be delicious! and i’m so happy you FINALLY got the z-bars!! 😀

  6. Sometimes mistakes can turn into something you never even imagined!

    No one is perfect, just chalk it off as a learning experience!

  7. Don’t you love when you save a recipe like that? You think all is lost – and then you still end up knocking it out of the park! Those z-bars look DELISH – i still haven’t found “spooky smores” in my area!

  8. Usually a recipe can be salvaged and I think you did that. I mean it tasted good, right? When I was little I always liked the stuffing of a stuffed pepper, but not the pepper!

    Anyway, I think it’s ridiculous that we have no S’mores Z-Bar in RI! Glad you’re enjoying yours.

  9. Nice recovery! I love when people talk about flops (although your flop looks like it turned out to be awesome) because no one makes perfect meals all the time! I am so JEALOUS of the halloween z bars! I can’t find them anywhere 😦

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