Fresh Great Harvest Bread

I got up late this morning, but still managed to clean the master bathroom from head to toe before work. Then I stopped by GH to pick up a new loaf of bread, but they didn’t have anything done?!?! They open at 6:30 but said they wouldn’t have the first loaves ready untul 9:30. Seriously? That is annoying. They said it is because for now they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, but I think it is misleading to open so early on Tuesday if they wouldn’t have any bread ready.

Anyway, I held off on having breakfast until 9:30 when the loaves came out of the oven. I quickly went there with my heart set on the nine grain, but it was still in the oven and wouldn’t be done until 11:15. Why did they tell me 9:30? I think they are still working on getting the kinks out. I still wanted bread though so I snagged a loaf of honey wheat and rushed back to my office.

Now I am enjoying 2 slices of fresh hot bread, toasted in my toaster, with some pb and a banana.

this bread is so amazing. I am dying to try other kinds though! I might have to stop in on Thursday to taste some of the other ones. Dakota isn’t on the menu yet, but nine grain and high five fiber are. I can’t wait!

Have a fab day!


8 responses to “Fresh Great Harvest Bread

  1. I used to plan some of my days around gett ing to GH for fresh hot bread out of the oven….sad, I know! I miss having GH close to my home!

  2. i am SALIVATING over that bread and pb! yum yum yum
    i wish we had a GH somewhere around here.. i’m on a mission to find the closest one…

  3. ugh! that is so annoying! they need ot get their stuff together! Oh well, the bread still looks yummy!!

  4. YUM. I want to learn how to bake my own bread πŸ™‚ That’d be awesome. The high fiber one sounds really good.

  5. I guess it was worth the wait, huh!

  6. Oh man…after seeing both you and Kath rave about the bread at GH I was so sad because I had never even HEARD of it. I assumed there were none near by. I finally did a google search–and there’s one 12 minutes away!

    I’m definitely going this weekend πŸ˜€

  7. OMG PB & bananas are the best snack ever! Protein + carbs + yummy flavor… I love this before a race (or just in the afternoon)

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