Market Shopping Week #11: $68

$68 this week, which was not bad at all. I made lots of goodies yesterday and sent PB home with a huge bag of food for the week! We are going to Cali Thursday night for the weekend so we both just needed a few goodies to hold us over for the week.

What did we buy?

-1 case seltzer
-1 bag local farm apples
-2 bags salad
-3 bananas
-3 red pears (I’ve never seen them at any of my markets!!)
-1 big onion
-2 cucumbers
-8 zucchini
-7 roma tomatoes
-3 green peppers
-3 red peppers
-Libby’s pumpkin (can’t wait to make pumpkin yogurt for tomorrow!!)
-local, hormone free ground turkey
-brown rice
-Breyer’s all natural vanilla ice cream

When we got home I made:
autumn stewed zucchini
-apple crisp
-stuffed peppers (more on that in lunch’s post)

I sent PB home with half the zucchini, all of the crisp, all of the peppers but one serving, 1 bag of the salad, and 5 apples.

Week #1 I spent $20
, and used a lot of the stuff in my cabinets
Week #2 I spent $30
, which included nothing too expensive, I guess I just bought more.
Week #3 I spent, er, $70!!!!!
I couldn’t believe it. And, I went back last night for a couple of forgotten items and a new mop which I never should have bought from the market, and spent another $30. Ew.
Week #4 I spend $70 again. PB is coming again this weekend + I had to stock up on some long lasting items, and well, it just ended up that way.
Week #5 I spent, get this, $0
. I am trying to clear out my fridge of last week’s goodies + clear the pantry a little to make room for this fall’s goodies. Also, I went out for dinner last night with my friends and will probably go out tonight with my dad, bro and sis, so that is 2 meals I don’t need to account for. **plus $10 for bananas and yogurt**
Week #6: I spent $60 and really stocked the fridge. Veggies, fruits, seltzer, wraps, crackers, granola bars, and a yogurt.
Week #7: $52, but restocked.
Week #8: $110, first week doing it at Whole Foods
Week #9: $36, at Whole Foods
Week #10: $18* but took lots of goodies from dad’s


7 responses to “Market Shopping Week #11: $68

  1. sounds like a wonderful grocery trip!
    did you get your z-bars yet?!? i got my package on saturday and it was SO cute! THANK YOU so much 😀
    hope you have a great day!

  2. Autumn stewed zucchini! I am intrigued!

  3. $68 is not too shabby! This is always one of my favorite posts you do – helps remind me to not overbuy!

  4. hey cuz! – im inspired by your lentils last week… im going to try & make it. never made that one on my own.

  5. I LOVE your market reports. Wish I could do them too, but our shopping is sporadic!

  6. $68 is very good! Nice work!

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