Food Philosophy Part II: The Present

It’s amazing how the way one grew up can have such an influence on his or her life. As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, I was raised in a family that believes in sweets in moderation, and that the best food is natural food in its most natural state.

I started writing this post several times, but I was not sure how to proceed. My present food philosophy is ever-changing. I try to eat more locally grown foods, yet I have a hard time resisting the strawberries from California. I enjoy eating healthy food most of the time, but when I have the urge for a brownie I will usually eat it. I think that this observation IS my food philosophy.

My entire family is thin and in shape. My grandfather in Jordan is 106 years old, and my 86 year old grandmother in Italy still lives on her own and only takes 1 medication, for diabetes. That is pretty incredible. At the same time, I remember my mom never being afraid to add a load of butter to a dessert recipe, or giving us a big scoop of real vanilla ice cream covered with walnuts once in a while. I think the difference is, is that we only had them once in a while. We didn’t have dessert every night. Maybe a shared apple once in a while, but desserts were only for special occasions.

Do you know how hard that is to do now? It all comes down t eating intuitively, and listening to your body’s real cues, not the ones coming from the commercial on TV, or from the habit of having a certain treat.

I realize that my food philosophy is a big mix of ideas.

I believe that:
-eating food in its most natural state is the best food for me (i.e. fresh veggies/fruits/meats/breads/rice)
-sweets now and then are ok- even the really junky ones- as long as you are doing the above most of the time
-no one diet is perfect. Eating a variety of foods is important.
-an apple freshly picked down the road tastes infinitely better than one that traveled over several days from far away
-packaged “food” is not real food, even if it does only have a few ingredients
-meals taste better when enjoyed in company in a nice setting
-real meals will never make me fat, but snacky type foods will

What is your food philosophy?


6 responses to “Food Philosophy Part II: The Present

  1. Great question! Mine is very similar to yours. I also think that food should be pleasurable every single day. Of course, some foods are more enjoyable and delicious than others, but I like to select and eat foods that I love most of the time… which often includes desserts (in moderation). 🙂

  2. Amen!! I know it’s a cliché, but my philosophy is basically “Your truly are what you eat.” Since I have Crohn’s Disease and several food allergies, I have to be careful about what I eat; and I find that wholesome foods obviously help me manage all of this (thank goodness!).

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! Growing up, we rarely had dessert either. I think my “food philosophy” is developing, but I try to eat as much fresh, healthy food as possible and enjoy a treat now and then, too.

  4. what a great post!
    our food philosophies are very similar, but i’d like to add “eat out as little as possible”. i’m always so much happier with my meal when i make it myself and know what’s going in it!

  5. This is an EXCELLENT post. I’m still working on my philosophy, but I’d saw that I’m strict on including at least one fun food a day and keeping everything else very body friendly. I like this system.

  6. In such agreement with you! I believe in eating real, natural, whole foods, listening to what your BODY wants and needs, having treats every once in a while, and eating in a way that works for you while making sure you’re getting a good balance of all the macro and micro nutrients.

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