Asking questions… and a carby day

I have big plans to catch up on grey’s and ugly betty after work with some nice ice on my ankle. it is not so happy with me today. I keep drifting off into the ideas of this afternoon…. it is pizza friday so i plan on making the dough and doing the above while it rises! can’t wait!

This morning I had a 2 oz piece of Great Harvest honey wheat bread with farmer’s market raspberry preserves. I know that I will be having a lot of carbs today in the form of this bread + pizza night, but I really just need to get my fix of it. And as long as I am listening to my body I don’t really care.

Lunch was the last 1/2 serving of umjaddarah (the other half of last night’s forfeited serving from my cousin). Keeping it light on the cals to save room for pizza night!

Thought of the day:

Today is my brother’s birthday, so in typical office fashion (we all work together) I ran over to Stop and Shop to buy a birthday cake. We always go into the conference room and yell over to the birthday employee that they must come right away for an emergency meeting (in a stern voice)! it’s so funny. Anyway, at S&S I asked what the difference was between the peanut butter cake and the Reese’s cake. The woman stared blankly at me and said she didn’t know. okkkkkkkay. So then I asked if the cake was vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter based.. still she didn’t know. Finally I asked where the cakes were baked and she said (insert gasp) MAINE. I had always assumed they were baked on the premises, with real flour and butter and such. I was in shock. What is the point in having the cakes come from so far, when there are plenty of capable bakers so close? Gross! Anyway, it just gets me thinking that really, nothing is ever as it seems. If Michael Pollan said to “eat food. mostly plants. not too much” then I say “ask questions. lots of them. know where your food comes from”


18 responses to “Asking questions… and a carby day

  1. I couldn’t agree with your “Thought of the Day” more!! Fabulous!!

  2. Seriously… shouldn’t it be cheaper for them to make it themselves anyway? They could sell it for the same price and make a bigger profit.

  3. i heart carb days.

  4. Unreal! Seriously. If there’s one thing I hate (which there isn’t, but you know what I mean), it’s when people can’t provide basic information that they should know because of their job.

  5. I’m sure those S&S cakes have so many preservatives that make them last for days and days! (I do love the frosting on those babies!)

  6. i’m having a carby day too.. and pizza tonight 😀
    it’s friday, why not?
    yuuuuck that’s too bad about the cake! especially since the lady didn’t even know what kind it was.
    have fun with pb tonight!!

  7. Lucky you get pizza tonight! This is probably the first Friday in a month where I won’t be having pizza!

    (I could eat it every day if I could!)

    Happy Friday, hope the ankle gets better.

  8. Man, I use to ❤ the stop and shop when I lived up in Mass! That is so annoying that they don’t bake the cakes there? It always seems like they’re baking? Well Happy Birthday to your bro and sounds like you have a fun weekend in store!! We’re going to this place called Poe’s tonight. I will post all about it but I am super excited!

  9. PS I need to take that word verification junk off my blog, I can never get those right either hahahah I wondered if anyone else had that problem!

  10. wow that is soooooooo weird their cakes come from maine! who knew – kudos to you for asking the right questions 🙂

  11. wow, that is rediculous about the cake, but i love love love your comment!!!

  12. LOVE your thoughts on this. Especially that final sentence. I might have to adopt that as one of my own philosophies:)

    Also I’m all about listening to your body. Some days I WAY overdo it on the carbs and stuff, because that’s what my body needs, and the next day I’ll eat much less of it because my body has had its full. Listening to what your body says is the best way to do it.

  13. I don’t get this either. I mean with transportation costs as high as they are, doesn’t on-premise baking make sense?

  14. I LOVE that final sentence as well.

    gonna carry it as my mantra this weekend and see what scary things I uncover…

  15. Maine?!?!? How random!! Something about grocery store cakes always sketch me out anyways so I try to avoid them…but it hard doing that for those type of office events.

  16. ps- THANK YOU for my halloween goodies;-) and for getting more polenta ideas for me to try!!!

  17. Happy Birthday brother. That’s so weird about the cake! I always see them baking and decorating cakes at the one in NK!

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