A picture is never just a picture

Good morning. Last night I picked up our save the dates. Very excited to put them together with PB this weekend!

Today has special meaning to me, and I am going to make sure to take the time to reflect on that.

I woke up this morning and went to the gym. Meant to run 4 miles + 4 gentle pickups but only had time for 3.5 miles. I’ll take it. It was 6 am after all! I finally figured out my hrm (thanks Caitlin!) and it showed that I only burn between 75 and 85 calories/mile. This is very interesting to me. I couldn’t tell the exact amount because my treadmill malfunctioned half a mile in so i had to start on another treadmill and didn’t have the exact distances and times. By the way, my ankle was fine during the run, but now my ankle is killing me. waaaaa!

I needed more oatmeal today, especially as I have plans for toast tomorrow.

The usual combo, except with a whole banana: 1/8 cup steel cut oats, medium banana, 1 tbs pb

Somehow it tastes better out of the paper bowl. Maybe it microwaves better? Drinking tea with it, of course.

Thought of the day:

Life is too short, and too fragile.

Tell that person you love them, forgive the one who hurt you, live each day to its fullest. Whatever it is you want in your life, go after it today. Life is too short, and too fragile…..

And a picture…

From left to right, top to bottom, nonna, auntie e., my mom, my cousin B, my brother, my cousin and maid of honor, and yours truly. Mid 80s, obv.


11 responses to “A picture is never just a picture

  1. Hope your ankle feels better!!!

    Fabulous photograph 🙂

  2. Such a great photo! Also a very important thought of the day…so true, sometimes we need to stop what we’re doing and realize all the little things just arent that important in the grand scheme of things…

  3. hope an ankle feels better! and love the thought of the day…so true.

  4. Love the thought of the day!!! I also love the picture! Wonderful!

  5. Great thought of the day! It will definitely make me spend less time at the computer today. Thanks!

  6. I know why it’s a special day and I am definitely thinking of you as well!

  7. Man, all the blogs Ive read so far this morning have such inspirational messages. Makes me feel like doing something great for someone today!

    Kelly Turner

  8. Wow, nice job on waking up at 6am to run. I’m going to use you as some inspiration. Are you looking to burn more calories? Intervals always seem to do the trick for me…

    Oh and how is steel cut oats? Is there a monster difference from the rolled kind… tastewise?

  9. amen sister.

    the older I get the more I wake up every day simply HAPPY TO BE HERE no matter what crappy stuff the day may hold.


  10. I love when you make reference to your Nonna. Brings back great memories for me…

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