If Mondays are the potholes of life, then Thursdays are the smooth highways.

Interesting article regarding ways to destress during the holiday season

I had a Z-bar at 10 this morning. Am I getting too predictable? Feels that way. On days I exercise in the morning I feel like my metabolism is on gogogoooo! all day long and I tend to be hungrier. Side note: My ankle is killing me. It didn’t hurt during my run, but on the ride home it started to throb, and now it is even worse. Coping with an injury is really hard on the mental state some days. Anyhoozles.

I think Thursdays are the best day of the week. There is so much to look forward to! Friday (and time with PB) is right around the corner, the work week is almost done, and there is still a whole weekend to be excited about! Countdown until PB makes it to Rhodey… About 24-27 hours?!?!

Lunch was amazing. Yesterday I filleted the chicken breast into two 3 oz (measured when cooked) pieces. I just cooked them side by side in the nonstick pan, and wrapped one up for today. I had that along with a whole wheat english muffin, both of which were topped with 1/2 oz total of american cheese. On the side I had some baby carrots and a small salad with a squeeze of just lemon juice on it.

An interesting note… I hitched a ride with a friend down to Philly a few weeks ago when the weather was bad, and in that 6 hour ride she didn’t eat a bite or drink anything besides a small coffee. I, on the other hand, had my morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack during that ride. I was so hungry! I never would have made it for 6 hours without eating. I was almost embarrassed about it because I realized that my body has become dependent on being fueled by little meals every few hours. When I have to make it from 2 pm to 7 pm every day I always wish I hadn’t had my snack yet. Are any of you that way too?


13 responses to “If Mondays are the potholes of life, then Thursdays are the smooth highways.

  1. I am completely that way. If I don’t eat all day I feel horrible. I don’t know how people survive!

  2. I am always hungrier when I exercise!
    Hope your ankle gets better!

    Great article!

  3. Fabulous/interesting article!! Thanks for the link!!

    It isn’t ideal to go 6+ hours without eating; but I say it’s just best to respond to your OWN body’s “hunger clock,” and try to eat smaller meals more frequently.

  4. I’m the same. I don’t understand how people can skip breakfast, eat lunch, and then not eat again until dinner! My boss eats lunch and I NEVER see her snack, and she doesn’t eat breakfast! Crazy. Good article, too!

  5. My body is constantly needing fuel now that I run so much. I don’t know how people can make a 6 hr car trip without any food. I do try to hold off my afternoon snack to the half way point of between lunch and dinner.

  6. i can’t LIVE without my snacks! it’s because we’re active!!
    regarding your title: AMEN. something about thursdays feels so good 😀
    have a great night!

  7. 24-27 hours – you’re funny!

    Listen, I have come to realize I cannot compare what I eat to what others eat. Sometimes I am with people who could go all day without eating. Is that the best thing for me? Absolutely not. I used to think oh my god, I am such a pig, but now I just focus on myself and my own eating. Plus, you’re active and need fuel. Maybe your friend isn’t as active?

  8. Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog today, and I read your about me. I wanted to say that I really admire not only your health and fitness goals, but also the way in which you are achieving them! Congrats!

    Thursdays are my FAVORITE day of the week as well, I think it’s because all of the “hype” leading into the weekend is here, have a great day! 🙂

  9. I eat ALL day long too – sometimes my snacks are even too planned out and I eat out of habit (no good). I have noticed people like your friend – I think it has a lot to do with your habits. I have friends who only eat two meals a day – crazy!

  10. I’m the exact same. I eat all day long; my mum teases me at work all the time because between answering phones I’ll be munching on carrots or eating a sandwich or oatmeal… my tummy gets so grumbly if I don’t eat every few hours, or even if my tummy doesn’t do so, my energy goes swooping downwards.

    Love food:)

  11. I completely agree with you — my body has been trained to get hungry ever 3-4 hours, I swear!! And some days I’m even more ravenous than others. I think as long as everyone listens to their tummy and feeds it when it starts to grumble (haha, I sound like I’m three years old), then we’re all entitled to whatever eating schedule works best for us!

  12. annaalstondonnelly

    I am totally on the same page. Even with my boyfriend, he can go up to 12 hours without eating and then he will eat a huge meal at a restaurant with salad and most of my entree! There was a time when I was very unhealthy and could go for many many hours without eating. Now, if I go for more than 4, I get shaky, dizzy, and weak. But I do sometimes feel embarassed I need such constant fuel.

    Good for you for staying fueled though!

  13. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments. I am so happy to hear I am not the only one! I think being active + eating such healthy foods = we all eat more often!

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