My longlost friend, the english muffin.

This morning I woke up at 6 to go run, but it was dark and cold which = having to run on the treadmill at the gym (10 minutes away). I decided my sleep was more worth it and snuggled away. I will go run after work outside which is much better for my ankle. I wish I had a treadmill at home or in my complex or someone to run with me in the early mornings. It is just so scary in the dark like that!

For breakfast I knew I wanted something kind of chewy and crunchy, so I went with an old favorite… english muffin with pb and banana. I ate this the entire first semester of my junior year of college… literally every single morning. Funny huh? It’s a little different now though as my english muffins are whole wheat and my jelly (if i have some) and peanut butter are all natural.

This really hit the spot with my cup of hot early grey lavender tea. yum!

I need some help. I reallllllllllly want an HRM and I have finally decided to just go for it. I want to know my distances and such and enough is enough! I am going to treat myself to one but which one? Everyone talks about the Polar F4 but isn’t that like a watch? Won’t it be annoying to wear that along with a watch? Anyone have any experience with this situation?


11 responses to “My longlost friend, the english muffin.

  1. i love pb & bananas. i’ve never had them on an english muffin – i need to branch out!

  2. 1) What jelly did you use? Any of the ones from the farmer’s market?

    2) You should have given me a shoutout for going running even though talking to you at 6am made me want to just go back to bed!

    3) After the wedding, we’ll go running together in the mornings…treadmills are BAD NEWS.

  3. So glad you asked this question because I’ve been wondering the same thing – sorry I don’t have an answer but instead will lurk about to see what the answer is šŸ™‚

  4. GET THE F4! you’ll love it!
    it has a built-in watch, so you have no reason to also wear a watch. pressing the side button switches from “watch mode” to “exercise mode”, which keeps track of your calories burned, heart rate and time exercising.
    i’ve forgotten about the long lost english muffin friend as well. i LOVE them, though!
    someone has a package on the way šŸ˜€
    have a great day!

  5. You can’t go wrong with PB and banana! YUM!

  6. I’m interested in what people say about HRM, as I’ve been contemplating putting it on my xmas list.

    Yum english muffins!

  7. I’ve got the Polar F6 and I use it to keep track of my HR and make sure I’m in the correct zone, but it doesn’t track distance. Only HR, time and calories. Have you tried using or google pedometer ( Those might be your best bets for tracking distance.

  8. I’ve got the Polar F11. Love it! I tracks calories burned (I think it’s more accurate than machines at the gym), and Heart Rate. It won’t track distance thought. If you want that you’ll need a more expensive GPS HRM. (Or if you ONLY want distance you can just get a GPS unit.)

    And yeah, the HRM is basically a watch (mine has stop watch capabilities) so I wouldn’t wear a watch with it.

    If you want distance, you primarily run, and you’ve got an iPod Nano, or (I think) an iPod touch you might want to look at the Nike+iPod set up. I’ve got one of those as well and it’s very motivating. You can sign up for challenges online, track total distance, challenge yourself to do distances, or calories or whatever.

    Just another option!

  9. Check out the Garmin 305. It is a GPS and heart monitor. I love mine and it motivates me to go longer and faster. It shows your pace and distance and duration.

  10. I know you already got your very pretty F4 (green’s my fav color!), but wanted to second what Allison said about the Nike+ in case anyone else is in the market. If you have an iPod nano, for $30, the Nike+ is such a fun little tool. It’s not a HRM, but it’s still cool. šŸ™‚

  11. I had to buy a new iPod to use the Nike+, so I know what you mean – I had the mini, but needed to upgrade. Circuit City takes the old ones in trade for cash. Eventually, I’ll bring my mini in – it’s worth $60 – better than sticking it on a shelf and never using it. :/

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