A funny run

This afternoon at work I had 2 big snacks.. First I had 3 oz stonyfield farms vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup kashi golean and 5 strawberries, and a little later I had 20 almonds.

After work I headed off on that run I promised yall (and promised myself). I have been desperately needing some time alone to destress and this did the trick. I did my new “Tuesday” workout of 2 miles, 4 x 1 minute at a faster pace with walking to bring my heartrate back down in between, and then 2 more miles. It felt so good!

Funny story though… As I was heading back on the last major street a car beeped like crazy and pulled into the parking lot, so being the smallish town girl I am, I thought it was one of my friends. Nope, it wasn’t! This random guy was in the car and told me he just had to stop and tell me he thought I was so beautiful and he has been wanting to do that since he first started seeing me on his commute home in February. Woah. Totally freaky. He also said that I was probably married, and that’s when I flashed the ring. Thank goodness for that! Anyway, I politely said thank you, turned around, and went on my way.

I took my time deciding what to have for dinner tonight because I was so hungry and wasn’t sure what I wanted! I ended up deciding on a 1 egg, 1 egg white omelet with 1/2 oz shredded mozzarella cheese and a whole wheat english muffin. I had half of the e.m. with the eggs and the other half with some farmer’s market raspberry fruit spread! soooo good! This meal hit the spot.


4 responses to “A funny run

  1. That’s definitely not cool that he’s been watching you since Feb! Geez. I’d be a little freaked!

  2. great to hear you had a good run but freaky on account of that guy! i’d def be a little nervous…!

  3. stay away from the creeper!
    glad you had a good run! i love b-fast for dinner 😀

  4. That is so creepy! I guess I see the same people running every day too, but how odd to say something like that. Glad you got in a good run anyway! 🙂

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