Big Breakfast!

PB and I had a crazy busy weekend. little sleep and lots of laughs, but now I am tired! Anyway, I somehow made it to work on time, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

I am sicking of needing a snack before lunch so I decided to go back to a more substantial breakfast. And of course since I missed my oats all weekend I needed to have them!

Today’s combo:

1 full serving of old fashioned oats
1 medium banana
1 tbs pb

This was so good! And satisfying!

My house is a mess because PB and I were so busy this weekend we didn’t have a chance to clean! So I have a serious plan of attack for tonight.

My to do list:
-gym for non-running cardio (my rule is only tues, thur, sat and sun for runs)
-stop by local market for…. LOCALLY GROWN CHICKEN!
-tidy up room filled with PB’s clothes (since he left his bag here for the week)
-dust tv stand and switch up the fun things inside it
-clean kitchen area + bathrooms
-put away all things left out
– start dinner
-put engagement pictures into album (it’s been sitting on my bureau for weeks)
-eat dinner
-in bed by 9, lights out by 10.

I am definitely a schedule person, and by writing all of that out on a piece of paper I am much more relaxed. I also need to clean my car and do some laundry but I think that I will barely even get to finish doing these things, so I don’t need to add that to the list. I won’t be upset if I don’t get everything done as long as everything is at least tidy!

I prefer cleaning the bathrooms AND the kitchen to tidying up my bedroom. I am not sure why!


6 responses to “Big Breakfast!

  1. Hey nice site. I kinda just stumbled here through some other blogs. Cool take on healthier recipes, and congrats on your weight loss. While I’m sure you’re doing fine on your own, I have a weekly fitness post on my blog you might like. If you have any questions hit me up.

  2. love the lists and scheduling…i do somewhat of the same thing!

  3. Great looking breakfast!! Excellent post. I am a huge fan of lists.

  4. I love lists – they make me feel so much more relaxed because I know exactly what I need to do.

    The breakfast looks great, it’s the same as I had 😀

  5. Despite the tiredness today, I’m glad that you had a fun weekend 🙂

    Hooray for oats!! Can’t go one day without them.

    I live by my to-do lists, haha – they DO help relieve the stress! 🙂 Good luck.

  6. Locally grown CHICKEN? Can’t wait to hear about that one!

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