A Spa-like Dinner Menu

After a rough start for V and her mom, I thought a nice, light, healthy dinner would be a good option.

(blurry pic- sorry)

Here was the menu:

Baked Tilapia (with lemon juice, salt, and olive oil)
Steamed broccoli
Couscous with chick peas and sundried tomatoes
Spinach salad with a lemon olive oil dressing
Big whole wheat boule
Honeydew melon for dessert

I was able to whip this up in no time. Here’s how:

Last night I prepped the baking pan. I put a bit of olive oil on the bottom, put the fish over it in a single layer, sprinkled with salt and lemon juice, and another little drizzle of olive oil. I also put a few lemon slices for decorative purposes. Then I wrapped it in foil for today. I also cut up the melon.

After work, I rushed home and first things first preheated the oven to 375 degrees. Meanwhile I steamed the broccoli and made the couscous. Once the couscous was done cooking I mixed it with a tablespoon of sundried tomatoes and 1/4 can chick peas. And then when the oven was ready I popped the fish in for 20 minutes, put the broc and couscous in the containers to go, and cleaned those pots. I loaded the car with the baby’s little gift, the broc, couscous, bread and melon and went back in. Then I made the salad (just toss spinach with some lemon juice, olive oil and salt), pulled out the fish and headed on my way. I put the baking pan on a towel so as not to burn the carpet in my car.

Finito! It was really easy actually.. even though that explanation was kind of complicated.

I don’t have pics because I took one or two with my cell but I was rushing so much so as not to look like a weirdo in front of the baby so I am so sorry not to have any pics!!!!! It was DELICIOUS though!


One response to “A Spa-like Dinner Menu

  1. You are TOO kind to make such a lovely meal for V – sounds fabulous!!

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