Late Breakfast -> Headache disappearing bagel

I was not able to fathom having anything but a heavy, carby breakfast this morning. And an iced coffee even though it was cold, since I don’t drink the hot stuff and I had a rough time getting up and going for work. I blame the amazing Greek wedding PB and I went to yesterday for my good friend. It was so much fun, but for a lady who never has a cocktail, it was a bit tough for a Sunday night.

Anyway, I went to a local cafe on my way in to work for a delicious seven grain bagel and iced coffee with a splash of skim. I enjoyed my bagel with my own peanut butter and some lovely HFCS grape jelly from the cafe. Sometimes, when there are no other options, I am just going to have to eat something with HFCS. I am trying really hard to eat as locally and naturally as possible, but sometimes the taste of comfort or convenience wins. The jelly was one of those cases.

Also, I would like to point out that I will probably not be posting on the weekends at all anymore. It is too disrupting to my time with my fiance/family/self, and I need those weekends for me. The only exception will be when I make something new and fun and will want to share it with you asap!!!!

P.S. Our guest list is finally done. I feel great about it. Not even going to share the number of people, because you might faint.


2 responses to “Late Breakfast -> Headache disappearing bagel

  1. Kudos to you for not posting on the weekends – blogging should only be done when YOU want to do it, so enjoy 🙂

  2. honestly, that is such a good move to stop blogging on the weekends and take time for youself. I applaud the idea and am going to start myself. I rarely post on the weekend,s actually, unless it’s something super timely.

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