Thoughts are flying

I have so much to say today! Thanks for giving me the day off yesterday folks, I needed it!

A. I am so super energized and ready to stick to my goals, which are:

1. Eat when hungry, about every 3-5 hours
2. Drink lots of water
3. Get enough rest
4. Exercise every day to boost those endorphins!

I was stuck in a 3 day rut, and I am happy you all helped to dig me out!

This morning I got up at 6 AM and made no excuses. I drove to the gym and got my groove on.

I have a confession to make. Never in my life have I given 100% during a workout. I always think to myself that I need to save a little energy for tomorrow. I think it stems from my dancing life, where you had to do everything full out time and time again. I learned there to give 90% so that I could keep up that 90% class after class, day after day. I don’t think I need to worry about that anymore. This morning, for the first time in my life, I gave 100%.

I almost didn’t go to the gym because I didn’t think I’d have enough time for a good workout, but I did. I did 3 miles in about 25 minutes. Not bad for 6 am right? That includes my warmup of 1.5 minute walk and my cooldown of the same. This is a huge deal for me as treadmills are so hard for me to run on, and I haven’t run that fast, that early, probably since high school. Maybe ever. No joke.

B. Now, because of my amazing workout, I am super hungry and so excited to dig into my oatmeal! Today I have my favorite combo… 1/2 serving oats, 1 tbs pb, and 1 banana. With a tea of course!

C. Announcement! It feels great not to be counting calories, to just eat when I’m hungry and be smart about serving sizes and options. Like Gina said, so much freedom!

D. You all gave some great suggestions for what to do when you are too tired to exercise, or didn’t sleep well and want to snooze:

From CCV: Take a Tylenol PM if you really need it. It will let you sleep when you’re super stressed.
From HangryPants: Just do it. Or put your gym clothes in a place where you can’t ignore them.
From VeggieGirl: Remember how amazing and refreshed you feel after a workout.
From Shawna: Give yourself a few days off, and then get back to it.
From Erin: Just rock it, and go early in the morning so you have no excuse.

Thank you all for your great suggestions! Might I add my own personal suggestion: Being a little tired is not a tragedy. Just go get your workout done, you will always feel better afterwards.

E. I can’t wait for PB to arrive at 1 PM! I am picking him up and dropping him at home until the workday is over.. So excited! We have a great weekend plan. Sometimes I am thankful for our distance because it makes us appreciate our time together so much more. I love him.

P.S.erssss T. G. I. F.


9 responses to “Thoughts are flying

  1. Sabrina, this post is fabulous – I KNOW that you will be able to stick to/accomplish your goals, and I support you 100% in all of them. Good luck, girl!! Stay positive!! 🙂

    Have fun with PB!!!!!

  2. This is amazing! I feel totally inspired and happy just reading it. You got me energized! 🙂
    Way to reassess your goals.
    I think YOUR words of wisdom are the best yet. You’re right, being tired is NOT a tragedy! It doesn’t mean you’re nonfunctional!
    Have a great day!

  3. That is so impressive. I used to work out first thing in the morning, but have gotten into a different routine these days. it feels so good to get it over with first thing in the morning — then you don’t have it weighing on you for the rest of the day. and 3 miles in 25 minutes is ridiculously good. Great job!

  4. I felt so great when I stopped counting calories and some times when I am stressed I subconciously add calories, but I dont focus on it as a goal because i think it is bets to listen to your body each day!

  5. whooo hoo!
    what a fabulous collection of goals! and not counting calories is AMAZING, huh??
    congrats on an awesome workout.. i used to do the SAME thing in dance classes- especially on the nights where i’d be dancing 3-4 hours. it was impossible to give 100% without hurting yourself.
    have a happy friday!

  6. your love with PB is so freaking cute, i love it!! distance does make the heart grow fonder, future husband and i were long distance for a year, so i sympathize.

    amaaaazing 3 mile pace time!!

  7. I love this post! For me and exercise, I have to get up early to do it – and I always feel awesome after I’m done. I like to roll out of bed and do an exercise video in my living room so there’s minimal effort (I don’t have to get dressed and go to the gym).

  8. Good luck with your goals. I bet without counting calories you will lose a few pounds naturally.

    have a super weekend with PB.

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