A little Friday fun (A green day for me)

PB is here! PB is here! Yipeeee!

I was so hungry this morning (yah for running in the am!!!) and I debated between the Clif Z-bar next to my desk, or eating a very cold apple with a few almonds. I decided to go for the double A team. For less calories than a Z-bar (I can’t help but think about it.. I think time will help with the counting) I was able to have a delicious piece of fresh fruit and some tasty roasted unsalted almonds (6, because I like things to be divisible by 3). I brought one of my Cutco knives to work in a paper towel so I could cut this guy into little pieces I liked!

Around 12:45 PM I picked PB up from the airport and rushed home to have lunch together before I went back to work. In lightning speed, without much in the fridge here’s what we had:

Spinach salad with a can of tuna, 1/4 avocado, and some Annie’s balsamic dressing (prob about 2 tbs?)
2 English muffins broiled with mozzarella cheese
leftover broccoli (about 1 cup)
1 cup of my zucchini soup

The salad, before serving (mr. broccoli is peeking in the background!):

I had about half of the salad, one english muffin, and 3/4 of the broccoli. PB had the soup, the other half of the salad on a wrap, his english muffin, 1/4 of the broccoli, and one of Gina’s WW Banana muffins.

Thought I’d tell you the difference in our portions. We often eat the same amount, but he just as often adds a little something to his meal. PB is not picky at all and loves the healthy stuff so it is easy to please him!

Here is my plate (I went back for more salad and broc):

I am so happy he is here!!!! We have awesome plans tonight! I can’t wait!


3 responses to “A little Friday fun (A green day for me)

  1. I like hearing about how the boyfriends eat – mine usually has fewer veggies than me, but more of the carbs like rice, bread, etc… Though I do have a lot more fruit than he does. He loves healthy cooking, which is always a plus 🙂 Have a good time with PB!

  2. Hooray!! Enjoy your time with PB 🙂

  3. have an amazing night with pb!!!

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