Totally forgot!

Sorry folks, I totally forgot to post my lunch and snack! And take pictures of them! I went into old style Sabrina today and just got sucked into my work. I had a turkey and lettuce on wheat sandwich for lunch, with a few kettle chips on the side. And dessert/snack was 3 dates with 3 mini pieces of Gina’s banana bread. omg it is amazing! I cut them into little pieces so I could try and make it last, but I am not sure if that is going to work! Oh, and I just finished a small iced coffee with skim and a bit of sf hazelnut syrup. I am going all out on the icky factor today ay? processed turkey AND sugar free syrup! Oh well they were both delish.

Also, life is crazy right now, so I am sorry if the next couple of days my posts are at weird times..

Here is what’s going on:
1. Finalizing the guest list with PB, correcting the format and adding all addresses
2. Working with wrist and finger pain in both hands (it’s tendinitis, not carpal tunnel)
3. Trying to find an awesome DJ to supplement our band at our wedding
4. Booking all the other vendors too

Tonight I am taking my friend out for her bday dinner after I get my mani/pedi (a girl gets to primp as much as she wants the year leading up to her wedding!). The going to watch the debate! I am psyched!!!!!

Then tomorrow PB and I are going to work out and then see Religulous! It looks to be really interesting.

What do you all do when you are simply too tired to exercise? I am going through a period of not sleeping well right now, and by the time the end of the day comes around I am just too tired to work out. And in the morning I have missed my alarm the last 3 days! I did work out last night, very hard, but I need to get some good runs in! Also, when I am tired I tend to eat more (bc I think I think it fuels me somehow? but SLEEP would be better). This is not a winning combo. Any tips?!?


6 responses to “Totally forgot!

  1. Gosh, you definitely have a lot going on!

    When I’m super-stressed and can’t sleep, I sometimes resort to taking a Tylenol PM. I m definitely not a big proponent of taking medicines whenever any little thing ails you, but sometimes I need my sleep! And they Tylenol knocks me right out.

  2. I have not been sleeping well, either. What’s up with that?

    I just get my clothes on and get my ass in gear. I know I will feel like crap if I don’t. Maybe if you miss your AM alarm bring your gym clothes to work and put them in your office or on the front seat of the car so you can’t ignore them!

  3. No worries about the posting – you’re busy!!

    Just remember how AMAZING and refreshed you feel after a workout.

  4. I agree with VeggieGirl – think about how you’ll feel afterwards!

    Either that, or give yourself a break for a few days and don’t stress about it. Don’t workout until Monday, don’t feel guilty, and catch up on your sleep.

    And I agree that a girl is allowed to primp as much as she wants the year leading up to her weading. I think I was getting facials and massages twice a month!

  5. I try to just rock it anyways. Lately I’ve been going at 6 am because then I have no excuse.

  6. I’m going through the same thing… I love reading these comments!

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