Not wasting > Being a Veg

So, I was not a success with the vegetarian day today. But first, snacktime.

When I got back from some work errands I had half of a container of stonyfield farms lowfat vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup golean cereal and the leftover raspberries from the container (about 10?). I also had 3 dates. So about the Kashi Golean cereal.. I have to say.. it added an amaaazzzing crunch to my yogurt, but tastes kind of gross in milk in my opinion. The first picture was kind of blurry so I took this one when I was halfway through with my snacky.

A little later I was still so hungry and I knew I had to have something so I had an apple with a tbs of peanut butter. It was reallly crunchy and fresh. I really like to eat apples with a sharp knife which is why I don’t really eat them often at the office, but I have to make exceptions during this time of year. I love apple season!

After work I headed straight to the gym where I did a 45 minute circuit that included some serious cardio… Between each exercise I jumped rope, did mountain climbers, and did this side to side squat thing. It was a great workout! Then I biked for 15 minutes to just loosen up my muscles and read a few pages of my book.

I got home around 7 and debated what to have for dinner. I had the other half of the piece of salmon from yesterday, and I simply could not let it go to waste. It was either toss it and waste the food or try vegetarian day tomorrow. I decide I didn’t want to waste $5 of salmon! I had that with about 2 oz of my baked fries and some broccoli. I also had a simple arugula salad.. in my fav dressing.. lemon juice, salt, and a bit of olive oil. This was amazing and really hit the spot.

See the bananas in the background? My roomie and I both bought some on Monday so they are starting to go bad. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what kind of a goodie I’m making tonight. I am so psyched!!!!


3 responses to “Not wasting > Being a Veg

  1. everything looks so delicious!
    i had fish today, too.. twice 🙂
    sounds like you got a great workout, too! can’t wait to see what kind of banana creation you come up with!

  2. No worries, at least you enjoyed your meals – that’s what’s important! 🙂

    BAKE BANANA BREAD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OF COURSE it’s ok! i hope it turns out beautifully!

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