Being my own veggiegirl

Sorry about the blahness of last night’s post. I am feeling much more energetic today!

A couple of things..

One: As many of you know I currently count calories. Well, I have been maintaining my weight for a few months now and I would like to stop counting. Yes, I want to lose a few more pounds but I am not in any rush so a pound a month would be fine with me. I think I would be much happier if I just did what naturally felt right. I still may count once in a while to make sure I am in the right range, but I know that I will be fine listening to my body. That just seems like the most natural thing for me right now. I really want to focus on eating lots of vegetable and fruits and feeling happy, strong, and healthy. So that is my goal.

Two: I have just been feeling blah lately and I am not sure why. I am super super happy but LAZY! After work I just want to putter around my house and that is not ok, so I woke up this morning with renewed energy! Tonight after the gym and such I WILL vacuum my house, get started on some projects, and get to my wedding to do list! I have been neglecting my wedding planning duties and now is not the time to do that! Must book music, videographer, hairstylists, etc!

Three: Breakfast was soooo delicious today. I had a Whole Foods wheat english muffin with peanut butter and a banana. I had the rest of the banana slices on the side because they all wouldn’t fit! I have just been eyeballing my pb lately and today I brought a measuring spoon just to see, and I have totally been shortchanging myself on it!

Speaking of pb, PB is coming into town on Friday. I am so happy and excited! We have an awesome Greek wedding to go to on Sunday so it is going to be a great weekend!!!!

Oh! And I am joining Caitlin from in celebrating World Vegetarian Day by being one for the day. It will be pretty easy since I only have to sub one thing in my meal plan today heehee.


10 responses to “Being my own veggiegirl

  1. You’re so cute Sabrina, haha!! 😀 Enjoy the Vegetarian Day experience 🙂

  2. Sounds like you made some good life/food decisions recently – I think you are on the right track. If that’s what you feel is best for your body, that’s what you should do right now. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great!

    When’s your wedding?

  3. yay for being a veggie for one day!

  4. i can totally relate. sometimes I make a big bowl of popcorn, plop down on the couch, and call it a night. yummy looking breakfast!

  5. hooray for going veggie for a day!!!
    congrats on deciding to stop counting calories.. it’s going to give you so much FREEDOM and if you’re like me, i’m sure you’ll have a very good idea of how many calories are in everything you’re eating and know how to have correct portions and trust yourself. i’m sure you’ll do amazingly– from what i can tell you’ve got an excellent handle on nutritition 🙂
    have a happy humpday!

  6. I think I’ll go vegetarian for a day, too 🙂

    I also think it’s a great decision to try to stop counting. Even if you still do it once and a while, it feels so much better when you’re just able to eat without having to think so hard. I’ve found that my calorie counting days have helped me learn proper portion sizes, so that even if I’m not counting, it’s still that “just right” amount of food. Good luck!!

    Also, feel free to use the Blogger Secret Ingredient any way you want to! I don’t discriminate 😉 It doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy schmancy!

    Happy hump day!

  7. Happy Veggie Day! Love your blog… and just have to ask… are you a Rhodey girl as in you live in Rhode Island? I live (and grew up) in RI so always love to find fellow RI bloggers (there are so few of us)!

  8. rhodeygirltests

    VeggieGirl- Thanks!!!!

    Rose- july 25th!

    Caitlin- thanks for letting me know about it!

    gina- i sure do hope so! and yes, i do pretty much know what a portion is and how many cals are in that portion much like you hahah

    eatingbender- you might just see a baked squash then hahaahah

    SJ Goody- Love your blog! I live in Cranston!

  9. Yay for Veggie Day! I think I’m going to do it too 🙂 (I usually am anyway.)

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