Baby boy!

V’s baby is just so super adorable. My night was crazy busy because I went to the hospital to see V and the little guy and now I am just tying some things up before bed.

I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner so I finally settled on an english muffin with a bit of mozz on top, all broiled together. I was planning on a big salad but I was too lazy. I also had half of a banana.



4 responses to “Baby boy!

  1. Aww, so lovely about the baby boy!! 🙂

  2. Yay for babies!
    One of my best friends had a baby boy today, too. AND it’s her birthday. Well planned!

  3. Aw congrats! I just wanted to check back and see if you’ve included more protein since my post and how you feel?

  4. erin- yay for babies is right! congrats to ur friend!

    twinsky- actually, i tried upping my protein for a few days and my belly just didn’t feel right. now i am focusing on lots of veggies and fruits and around 60 g of protein (about what feels natural to me and i found on a few different websites… .8-1.0 g of protein/kg of weight) and i am feeling better. thank you so much for all of ur advice and help! hope ur bloody toe gets better fast!

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