Pizza day 3

PB and I just had the best day ever. It was a total bum around day which was exactly what we needed after such a crazy summer.

This morning we got up early ad ran a 5K in center city. It was so super fun, and I didn’t fall!!! I was so nervous since the last time we attempted a race (the half marathon in May) I fell and got badly injured. I am sure you all know the story by now. Anyway the run was fantastic and I will post our time results as soon as they come up. We think our time was about 27 minutes but we’re not sure. I wish they were posted real time!

The rest of the day has been all about bumming. We did a few loads of laundry, changed the sheets, cleaned his (soon to be our) place, walked up the street to do some errands, and ate a lot. I had toast with pb and banana, 3 ravioli and a couple of potato skins (no bacon), and some vanilla ice cream with fun toppings.. And still have room for my future hubbie’s pizza.

Which leads me to… PB realllly wanted to make a pizza so he is. I love his pizza because it is so much better than any pizza out. And much healthier too! It is currently rising. I’ll post pics of it later!!

For now, a pic of him kneading (and of my yummy ice cream)!!! A dopo!


5 responses to “Pizza day 3

  1. That mug is making me laugh!

  2. im glad you guys are having fun! yay for love!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Like Caitlin said, “yay for love!”

  4. what a cute mug!
    pb can make pizza?! he’s a keeper for sure 😉
    enjoy the rest of your night.. and that ice cream!

  5. Sounds like ou had a great day. Nice job on the 5k.

    We have always made homemade pizza, but recently my husbandd had started making his own dough. It is so much better than any place else.

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