Brunch with the FMIL

My future mother in law, aka FMIL, just had a little surgery so PB and I went over there today to make brunch for her and her husband. I made a tomato and asparagus frittata while PB made home fries. We also cut up a honeydew melon and toasted a whole grain baguette. They had made some bacon so we added that to the menu.

I made the frittata with 6 eggs plus 2 egg whites, one bunch of asparagus, one large tomato, and a few little cubes of cheese. It was delicious, and we ate almost the whole thing. PB’s potatoes were yummy too. And oh my goodness the baguette was delish! It is hard to find a nice whole grain bread.

Here is my portion. I didn’t eat my bacon but I did have a second piece of the frittata, and a second bowl of that amazing sweet melon. It was a delicious meal.

PB and I are off to register at Bloomie’s so it was great to have a hearty brunch. I have a feeling it will be a long afternoon, but it is so exciting!!!!!


3 responses to “Brunch with the FMIL

  1. Lovely brunch!!

    Have fun at Bloomingdale’s!!

  2. beautiful frittata!
    have fun shopping! i’m jealous!

  3. Mmm, that sounds really satisfying! I wish I was shopping with you! 🙂 Have a great day Sabrina!

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