Oatmeal on a rainy day

I am so happy I didn’t eat my last 1/2 serving of oats yesterday, because I realllly wanted it when I woke up this morning! It is rainy and cold, and oatmeal is so comforting! I had my fav combo of 1 medium banana, 1 tbs pb, and 1/2 serving oats (made in water with cinny).

I have so much work before I leave for Philly so I had to keep this short sorry! TGIF!!


4 responses to “Oatmeal on a rainy day

  1. Gorgeous breakfast; and HOORAY FOR SEEING PB TODAY!!! Good luck with the rest of your work before then 🙂

  2. i love the classic oats! a perfect breakfast 🙂
    you’re right, we are twins!! 😀 i used to teach dance also and miss it like crazy.
    have fun in philly with pb and i’ll have fun with my pb (peanut butter) right here.
    happy friday!!

  3. i thought I new a girl who ate more oats than anyone, but I think you may have surpassed her consumption! I’m jealous you’re going to Philly!

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