Time for Grey’s!!!!

For the record I also had a mini Luna smores bar before my workout. I needed a little something more. It was 80 calories which was just right, except that the flavor was TERRIBLE. yuck yuck yuck

My workout was absolutely amazing. I was sooo sweaty afterwards and all of my muscles hurt! It was nice. I didn’t do any cardio afterwards because not only was I pooped but my ankle hurts soo bad.

I am about to settle in with my roomie (AKA The Roomie- who is also my colleague and cousin) to watch Grey’s Anatomy. It is the one show I MUST watch one time if at all possible. Unfortunately my dad’s gallery nights are on Thursdays once a month so on those days I will have to watch it on Monday probably! I love DVR! Oooh and I have muffins in the oven right now!! The recipe is coming tomorrow I promise! I just wanted to try a few adjustments so the recipe could become mine (and therefore better of course)!!!

For dinner I made an omelet with 1 egg and 1 egg white and 1/2 oz mozz cheese. On the side I had a 4th of an avocado. I love meals like this. then I had 9 grapes. Then my muffins came out of the oven and they smelled so freaking good I had two. Ugh why did I do that!!! Anyway they were scrumptious!

my first muffin (just picture another one like it) with some hot water!

Have a great night! IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!


4 responses to “Time for Grey’s!!!!

  1. Everyone loves Grey’s. I could never get into it for some reason. I like The Office though, so I’m good for that time slot.

    I love your plates! And the muffin looks good, even though I don’t know what’s in it. 😉

  2. greys was awful (see rant). your muffin, im guessing not so much.

  3. hey I posted a “protein” discussion on my site for ya!

  4. Laura- I like the office too for sure

    Nora- I know. It was horrible.

    Twinsky- checking it out now thanks!

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