Missing PB

PB as in PhillyBoy, not peanut butter. I miss my PhillyBoy!!! Have I complained enough these past 2 weeks? Yeah? Well I am going to keep complaining haha! I can’t wait for Friday!!!!!! We have plans to make a nice dinner and watch the presidential debate (if it still goes on). I can’t wait! Hopefully my flight’s not late!

I delayed my snack eating a bit today which is miraculous considering how small my lunch was. Around 1:30 I had half a container of Stonyfield Farms nonfat vanilla yogurt (3 oz) with the rest of this morning’s banana and one of my apple nut muffins. All the flavors went really well together. I WAS eating plain yogurt and 2% fage but I just can’t do it right now. My taste buds want the sweetened kind. Luckily the only sweetened one I like is vanilla! And I prefer to have the calories from regular sugar over having a diet yogurt. they taste yucky to me and the aspartame gives me headaches ew!

Snack #2 around 4:30 was the last apple walnut muffin + a clif mini crunchy peanut butter bar.  I am happy I waited since I won’t be home until much later and I know I am going to be hungry! I might treat myself to a Starbuck’s tea since I like to be pampered while I’m at the hair salon. I wonder if she will cut my hair as last time she wouldn’t due to the wedding next summer. It needs a trim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. How is the quality of my iPhone pics? Can you all deal with them because it is the easiest way for me!

6 responses to “Missing PB

  1. Aww, you’ll get to see PB soon enough!! Hang in there!!

  2. I was definitely thinking peanut butter until you said PhillyBoy :p

    Your apple walnut muffin looks so good!

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  4. I hate “light” yogurt, it does nothing for me besides leave me starving and a bad after taste in my mouth. I think your photos are fine. Have a great night, Friday in right around the corner.

  5. I was with magpie on this one and thought you meant PB at first too 🙂 I love the Philly Boy reference though. I should start calling my boyfriend that too (he’s from Philly, I’m from Pittsburgh – seems like it wouldn’t work, right?)

    Your photos look ok to me!

  6. Rose- I WOULD say you should call you bf PhillyBoy except that then you’d be PittGirl.. doesn’t roll of the tongue quite so well haha! 🙂

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