Snacks galore!

I was so hungry this afternoon at the office no matter what I did! I had about 15 grapes(no pic), 1/2 a piece of lavash with a smear of pb, my planned 2 apple nut muffins, AND a mini Clif bar. I am making another batch of muffins with a more modified recipe on Thursday night so I will be posting the recipe then. All my snacks were great fuel for my workout- sorry no pics of the snacks but it was the kind of “going to eat myself” hunger and I forgot!!!

After work I went out for a run and I almost decided to drive to the gym bc I was cold but I’m glad I didn’t. The weather was so nice! And I had a really nice run. For the first time since my injury I was able to run forย  30 minutes without feeling like my ankle was going to give out. I did 25 slow minutes to the track, did a few sets of stairs, and walked/jogged home. It was glorious.

Then, after a nice shower, I made a small spinach salad with Annie’s balsamic dressing and a piece of rye bread toasted with some cheese (1 oz mozz, 80 cal slice of rye). For dessert I will have about 15 more grapes. Yum!

Totals for the day: 1540 calories


8 responses to “Snacks galore!

  1. I was so hungry all day today, too! Congrats on the run. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. great job on the run! that cheesy bread looks fabulous- i love when the cheese gets toasty and brown like that ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I have been awaiting your recipe for those muffins, they sound delish!

  4. i had a munchie day yesterday. i dont even know how many granola bars i ate, but some days i just cant get satisfied.

    Kelly Turner

  5. Oh no, a hungry day. Those are the worst. You feel like a giant bottomless bucket all day.

  6. Charlie Hills- thanks for reminding me I was a giant bottomless bucket yesterday hahahahahahaha! those days are the worst, yet the best ha.

  7. I … uh … er … didn’t … uh … mean … uh …


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