It’s a repeat

This morning I had mini lunch #1 (about 125 cals): 1 boiled egg, 1 sliced cuke, and 1 tbs hummus

Mini #2 (265 cals)
You will be seeing this for another 2 days or so. A nice piece of my veggie lasagna, followed by 1 single, lonely dove milk chocolate promise (which I haven’t had yet and am too full to have right now). The little bit of sweetness will hopefully do the trick! The lasagna was realllly good, although you can’t tell from the pic.

I love eating big volume meals. I find that by eating often throughout the day and also focusing on volume for lower calories I am satisfied. Some of my friends prefer to eat a teeny bowl of mac and cheese or something, but I would much rather have a huggge salad with fun toppings etc.


3 responses to “It’s a repeat

  1. I definitely go for volume too – I love eating often throughout the day.

  2. Volume is definitely key to me. I like the sliced cucumbers, extra points for presentation

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