A green-er girl

I was so hungry this morning I couldn’t wait to get to the office to have bfast! I am having 1/2 serving old fashioned oats with 1 tbs BARNEY BUTTER and an almost ripe banana. The banana is kind of ruining the flavor but it is still delicious bc 1. it is in my new bowl!!!! and 2. the BB makes up for it.

My bowl was $3.99 from TJ Maxx. What a steal! And it’s micro and dishwasher safe.

My wrist hurts so not a lot of typing today. A dopo!


8 responses to “A green-er girl

  1. Gorgeous bowl!!

    Hope your wrist feels better!!

  2. Oh, I am a fan of the bowl! And love that it’s microwave/dishwasher safe.

  3. did I miss something? What is Barney Butter? and where can I get some?

  4. I love Barney Butter!!! But my container is mysteriously empty now..sigh 😦

    The bowl is great – I always look for dishware on sale at the store nowadays, haha!

  5. oooh i love the bowl! and i LOVE barney butter!!!
    have a great tuesday!

  6. Love the bowls! Quite a steal. 🙂

  7. Love new fun bowls!! And don’t worry I’m obsessed with Gossip Girl…and most teen dramas for that matter haha.

    My wedding is Sept 6, 2009!

  8. my lovely friends- so happy that you love BB and pretty bowls as much as I do! yah!

    bridget- yay for a fall wedding! i love fall weddings

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