Market Shopping Week #7: $52

This week I spent $52, and I feel like for once I really got my money’s worth. Zucchini, frozen spinach, 2 bags fresh spinach, red grapes, apples, portobello mushrooms, bananas, Kashi waffles, whole wheat lasagna noodles, baking soda, Dove chocolates!, feta cheese, reduced fat ricotta cheese, Annie’s balsamic dressing, a yogurt, and brita filters (which are way expensive, by the way).

Not bad ay? I will be able to have people over for dinner one night plus feed myself all my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks on this. No eating out this week!

I think it is less than the last two weeks because I really planned. I checked out my fridge and saw what needed to be used up, and then bought ingredients to go with those. Also, I kind of made a simple outline of what meals I would want to make this week (plus made a few yesterday) so I wouldn’t overbuy. And it is still $52 because I bought a lot of veggies which are pricey at my market. Last, I would just like to comment how hard it is to cook for one. I end up making a normal batch of something and then eating it the entire week. I can’t seem to find a solution to this without freezing lots of leftovers.

A little comment on apples. My market had about 10 different kinds of apples to buy. I went to the ones that looked best to me and checked out the stickers. First ones were from New Zealand. Seriously. Even though R.I. has lots of apple orchards. With delicious apples. It is sick. Anyway, I had to go through FIVE of the types of apples before I found one that was even made in the usa! I will NOT be buying my apples from Stop&Shop again. Next time, straight to the orchard!

Week #1 I spent $20
, and used a lot of the stuff in my cabinets
Week #2 I spent $30
, which included nothing too expensive, I guess I just bought more.
Week #3 I spent, er, $70!!!!!
I couldn’t believe it. And, I went back last night for a couple of forgotten items and a new mop which I never should have bought from the market, and spent another $30. Ew.
Week #4 I spend $70 again. PB is coming again this weekend + I had to stock up on some long lasting items, and well, it just ended up that way.
Week #5 I spent, get this, $0
. I am trying to clear out my fridge of last week’s goodies + clear the pantry a little to make room for this fall’s goodies. Also, I went out for dinner last night with my friends and will probably go out tonight with my dad, bro and sis, so that is 2 meals I don’t need to account for. **I ended up spending about $10 on bananas and yogurt halfway through the week**
Week #6: I spent $60 and really stocked the fridge. Veggies, fruits, seltzer, wraps, crackers, granola bars, and a yogurt.


7 responses to “Market Shopping Week #7: $52

  1. This is a great post – I’ve often thought about keeping track of how much I spend on food, just to know. But it sounds like it’d be a good challenge. Way to go on your goods this week!

  2. Wow, looks like you got some good deals. I should definitely try this – I used to meal plan but our schedules have gotten so hectic lately that I’ve gotten out of the habit.

  3. It might be too late since you have already started this blog idea (which I love!) but I don’t think you should have to count non-food items! Brita filters, mops, etc. You can’t be punished for that 🙂

    Also, did you have meat in the house or are you just going veggie this week?

  4. Rose- it has really opened my eyes that I spend a LOT on healthy food. more $$ than when I was heavier, which is interesting to note.

    maggie- i never used to meal plan but I find that it is easier to use everything up that way! I will DEF do it all the time once I get married and have a hubbie to take care of 🙂

    Emily- Thanks for not having to count non food items- you are right that I shouldn’t count them! I won’t next time. Re: meat. I didn’t even notice I didn’t buy any. I am about a 70% vegetarian these days I would say. When I am eating animal products it is in the form of eggs (which I had), yogurt (which I bought) and milk (which I bought but only use for baking not drinking)

  5. Trust me, I understand exactly how hard it is to shop and cook for one. My freezer is now stuffed to the brim with elft overs that I need to eat.

  6. meghann- do you ever eat the leftovers or do they end up sad and freezer burned? (that’s what happens to me)

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