Tired girl goes to bed.

Hi! OMG today was so much fun!!!! Here’s why:

1. I got to try on my wedding dress and it is just as beautiful as when i first saw it.
2. Some of my bridesmaids were with me which made it even more fun and real!
3. They tried on THEIR dresses and ordered them. They looked so gorgeous!
4. My friend Julz had her bachelorette party which was way fun and I got to see my college girlies!

After Priscilla the lovely maids and I went to Stephanie’s on Newbury for lunch. I had a roasted veggie sandwich (yum) with field greens on the side and a few fries. For dessert I had a lindt pb chocolate. I bought a little bag for all the ladies for being so fantastic! My way of handling the difficult weekends is to just enjoy myself but limit my portions (i.e. SHARING!).

Then after a looong drive home, popping in a pumpkin chocolate chip bread for Julz’s house and relaxing a bit, Loco and I headed to the bach party. I was hoping for some raw veggies and stuff but the pickings were slim so I had a few blue corn chips and 2 brownies (oops) and that was that. We were soooo hungry on the way to the bars though that Loco and I took a quick 20 minute detour to Haruki East! Quickest sushi of my life. We split edamame and a tuna/avocado/cuke roll. yum.

Now, after a little dancing and fun, we are home. I am pooped! Sorry for no pics. I actually took some but I am too tired to email them to myself and then save them to my computer and then upload them to wordpress. There MUST be an easier way! Night!


4 responses to “Tired girl goes to bed.

  1. Haha, no doubt you’d be a tired girl – you had a full, FAAAAAABULOUS day!!! Hope you got some rest, and are ready for a lovely Sunday πŸ™‚

  2. sounds like a great day! hope you got some rest πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like such a fun time. You’re a very organized bride. Very on top of things.

    Were the pictures with your phone or camera? I never email the pictures to myself. I download them right to the computer and upload them to wordpress.

  4. Mmmm, LOVE Stephanies! Me and my friend always “do” lunch there when we go to Newbury. The salad with goat cheese is my favorite, of course πŸ˜‰

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