Loco’s house!

I am having such a blast with the girls. Sometimes you just need a girls night snuggled together. Loco’s mom made the most amazing lasagna, salad and sangria. After dinner we went tithe best place for gelato… We all had smalls. The nocciola (hazelnut) was amazing. They put a little lobster costume on her doggie to show us his Halloween costume. So cute! Have a great night!

6 responses to “Loco’s house!

  1. Do you mind sharing where the gelato was from?

  2. JP- my friend lives in North Andover, MA and the gelato place is Dolce Freddo in Methuen.

  3. That costume is so cute! My dog would never put up with that.

  4. Hooray for girls’ nights!! Always fun.

  5. Haha. I love the lobster costume!

  6. Rose: haha I was wondering if you ever read as I was posting this pic bc I KNEW you would love it!

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