Skip the planned lunch for some crunch

My office was ordering Panera today, and I hadn’t had a sandwich from there since last year so I decided to just keep my packed lunch for tomorrow. I went with a simple turkey sandwich with lettuce and fresh mozzarella, but they gave it to me on a baguette instead of wheat bread. wa. They never get our orders right. I had half of the sandwich. I also had some cucumber slices right before lunch as I was so super hungry! I don’t know how you non-snackers do it!

I am realllly looking forward to tonight’s dinner.. just wait til you see what kind of deliciousness awaits!


6 responses to “Skip the planned lunch for some crunch

  1. mmm i love panera!!
    i always have to act like i’m deathly allergic to white flour so that they get my order right.
    can’t wait to see your dinner šŸ˜€

  2. Looking forward to seeing your dinner!!

  3. gina you are so smart!!!! act like i’m allergic! i wouldn’t have thought of it! thanks!

  4. What is it with their insistence on not giving people wheat bread? I like Gina’s idea!

  5. did it happen to you too heather? the weirdest part about it, IS THAT THE SANDIWCH IS SUPPOSED TO NATURALLY COME WITH THE WHEAT BREAD, AS IN THAT’S WHAT IT SAYS ON THE MENU. such a bizarre place!

  6. I am all about free food from work, I just wish we had healthier choices when recieving the free food. Panera looks nice though. šŸ™‚

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