What does this mean?

Our lovely “white dove” was actually a white pigeon. I just didn’t know it. This is so bizarre, but since the bird had a tag we thought to look up where she came from (and er, decided to let her fly once we established she was not hurt or injured). We learned that pigeons like to stop and rest for a few days during their journeys so they can eat, rest, and drink, and our little lady was just a little lost in the warehouse. Little Betsy (the little lovely bird that kept me company all day) just flew from…



I kid you not. This has major relevance for a few reasons.
1. My fiance is from Philly and I am leaving my family in R.I. to move there next summer.
2. White pigeons mean good luck
3. there are so many reasons…

I know this might sound cooky to some of you but I almost feel like this little lady was a sign that moving to Philly is a fab idea. Does that sound weird?

Anyway, I am happy we learned Little Betsy’s story, and were able to let her go on her way.


5 responses to “What does this mean?

  1. it can only mean good things πŸ™‚

  2. That is so strange! I would take it as some kind of sign too. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear Little Betsy is free again. Do you know why she was tagged?

  3. i didnt know white pigeons were good luck.

    if i had i wouldnt have stepped on that one that didnt get out of my way fast enough downtown. im a busy lady- i have places to be.

    i kid. i kid.

    your first meal better be a phillie cheese steak.


  4. ttfn300- yes i hope so!

    laura- she was tagged for some type of research to see how their patterns are and such

    VeggieGirl- isn’t an omen a bad thing?!?!?! i hope not!

    Kelly- great, now you have be craving PB’s homemade cheesesteaks. thanks for that.

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