Just a peaceful dove

My brother went over to our warehouse this morning to unload a pallet and what did he find? A lonely white dove. My brother rushed back here, grabbed a box, and went back to rescue the little lady. She is sitting next to my desk right now while we wait for the people to come and get her! We think she is hurt and needs some help. He gave her some water but what else are we supposed to give her? Poor thing. I was not made aware of the situation so I walked back into my office and screamed really loud haha. Wasn’t expecting a peaceful white dove just hanging out there. It is ironic that on a day when we remember such a terrible tragedy, a dove, which symbolizes peace, is hanging around.

Onto lunch…

The last of the turkey bean soup + 5 crumbly kashi crackers (the rest of the box waa! need to get to Target for that deal Heather‘s been talking about!!!). I ate this at 11:15 AM because I was so hungry!


4 responses to “Just a peaceful dove

  1. That dove is beautiful.

  2. That is ironic. At least you and your brother are there to save her. I hope she’ll be ok!

  3. wow, a dove! glad you’re helping her out 🙂 i hate lunch early, too… shhh. I already hit up that target deal, you’d better go. NOW! haha

  4. oh no! it’s actually a white pigeon haha. I need to study my animals better! my uncles knew since my family used to have them in their yard 🙂

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