Excited for the gym!

So I usually go to train once a week with Sherri, who has trained me 1 time a week for the last few years. Normally I go at 6:15 on Wednesday morning, but I am going to start going in the afternoons now that it is getting cold out. I am so pumped to go after work! My clothes are in my car and I am ready to go!

Right after lunch I was still famished so I had a Clif mini crunchy peanut butter bar (emergency snack at office ~100 cals). Now it is snacktime and I need something to fuel me through my circuits + cardio and all the way to dinner. I am having a stonyfield farms vanilla yogurt (the roomie got me two since I hated the fruit on the bottom ones so much) with a peeled grapefruit + 12 crushed almonds. Sounds weird, but trust me, it’s delish!

Update on our little friend… I called the place that is in charge of taking care of her and they said that we could give her some type of grain or bread (we were worried that she hasn’t eaten in a couple of days). She hasn’t really touched the water we gave her but I hear her pecking at her snacks!


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