Market Shopping Week #5

Before I get into my shopping week #5, I would like to thank everyone for my birthday wishes!!! Thanks!!!

In 10 days I am trying on my wedding dress for the first time since I bought it this summer, so I would like to feel really confident and happy on that day. I have decided that I have been doing too much unplanned snacking and munching, and it is time to get serious with my goals again. I maintained my weight all summer with all the fun parties and vacations and such, but now it is time to drop a few more. I may decide to post pics of what my daily eats are for the next 10 days to help me see what I am doing right and wrong, and to keep me accountable. Thanks in advance for your support!

Onto market shopping week #5

The history so far:

Week #1 I spent $20, and used a lot of the stuff in my cabinets
Week #2 I spent $30, which included nothing too expensive, I guess I just bought more.
Week #3 I spent, er, $70!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. And, I went back last night for a couple of forgotten items and a new mop which I never should have bought from the market, and spent another $30. Ew.
Week #4 I spend $70 again. PB is coming again this weekend + I had to stock up on some long lasting items, and well, it just ended up that way.
Week #5 I spent, get this, $0! I am trying to clear out my fridge of last week’s goodies + clear the pantry a little to make room for this fall’s goodies. Also, I went out for dinner last night with my friends and will probably go out tonight with my dad, bro and sis, so that is 2 meals I don’t need to account for.

I’ll be back in a bit with my breakfast post!!!


5 responses to “Market Shopping Week #5

  1. Sounds like a great weekly re-cap of market shopping!

  2. that made me SO nostalgic of my college days before the pilot.. i would spend 20 a week on groceries… now its 120 a week!!!
    ay ay ay!
    have a happy humpday!

  3. I just found your blog and find it so inspirational! You make me feel so bad about what I spend at the grocery store!

  4. thanks Laura!!!! And before I did this test I think I would spend like $100 a week just for me and end up throwing away half of it at the end of the week because it went bad. Maybe I am exaggerating, but it really felt that way.

  5. Yep, that’s me. $90 is what I spent on Monday night. I’m going to have to try to plan meals around what I have in my pantry/freezer.

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