Market shopping week #4

Well, I am a huge failure this week it seems. First the collapsed banana bread, then the dough that just wasn’t perfect, and now I see my market shopping stats are getting worse and worse!

Here is my history so far:

Week #1 I spent $20, and used a lot of the stuff in my cabinets
Week #2 I spent $30, which included nothing too expensive, I guess I just bought more.
Week #3 I spent, er, $70!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. And, I went back last night for a couple of forgotten items and a new mop which I never should have bought from the market, and spent another $30. Ew.
Week #4 I spent $70 again
. PB is coming again this weekend + I had to stock up on some long lasting items, and well, it just ended up that way.

Here’s what I bought:
5- 6 oz containers of Stonyfield Farms low fat yogurt
5 bananas (3 are currently browning which = Banana chocolate chip bread take 2 tonight)
2 expensive containers of raspberries that went bad in 2 days before I had a chance to make a dent in them
2 cases of Polar seltzer water
2 prewashed bags of lettuce
2 big bunches of broccoli crowns
1 canister of steel cut oats for my sister in law’s birthday present (more on that later)
1 avocado
3 boxes of frozen kashi waffles to stock up my freezer (plus PB loved them yay)
1/2 gallon of Brown Cow milk for baking + in case PB wants any
box of Life cereal. I hadn’t had it in years and was craving some so that was my dinner one night this week. whoops!

Is that a lot for $70? I can only imagine how much I used to spend BEFORE starting to pay attention. Next week will be a cheap one though, I can feel it.

Back to my sister in law’s present… Well, she is totally envious of my awesome bag and has been coveting one for a while. I got her one for her birthday and stuffed it with some healthy treats: roasted unsalted almonds, a few Kashi bars, and the oats. If you are in need of a lunchbag I seriously recommend this one. It can go in the washing machine, and is stretchy so it can fit a lot of stuff.

See the ugly gift bag in the background? I recycle mine.. Whenever someone gives me a gift in one I then use it for someone else. That’s not considered regifting if it’s just the gift bag, is it?

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone have big plans? I am finishing work, getting dolled, the working the new show at my dad’s art gallery (he needs some sales help!). Then at 10:30 I am going to pick up my PhillyBoy for another weekend of fun!!!!!

And P.S. PB and I are getting married on July 25th, and I am getting really excited! I know it is wicked far away (I’m a Rhodey Girl, I’m allowed to say wicked!!) but I just realized that we have so much to do on our checklist this month, and that is exciting!!!!!! I simply can’t wait to get married, party with all our friends and family, go on an awesome honeymoon, and then start life in Philly. Any recs on where to go for our honeymoon? We want warm + beach + fun stuff to do + good food + to stay in the best rooms and the best hotels.


5 responses to “Market shopping week #4

  1. No worries – you’re NOT a failure!!

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend ahead of you!! Plans this weekend for me = loads of dance practices and some relaxation 🙂

  2. No no no! You are NOT a failure! Don’t worry about the failed banana bread… I mess up in the kitchen ALL the time. And sometimes it even leads to a great accidental discovery :o).

  3. I am WICKED excited for you! Also, I recycle gift bags, too. I think that’s the point. 🙂

    Have a great weekend with PB.


  4. VeggieGirl- I am dying to hear about this dance competition!!!!

    CCV- thanks, and you are totally right. sometimes you learn something from cooking failures. I learned that bits of banana bread taste amazing with ice cream/soy yogurt/fresh berries

    HangryPants- yay for the word wicked!! 🙂

  5. That sounds like an awesome birthday gift!

    Sorry about not talking to PB… he’ll be back before you know it!

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