Babies R Us

Babies R Us is a scary place if you don’t have kids. The people working there seemingly disappear right when you need them, there are 35 different kinds of each thing, and so many items off of your friend’s baby registry is sure to be discontinued by the time you get there, even if she just registered a few weeks ago.

I was in there yesterday trying to buy my friend’s gift. The idea was to buy one big ticket item (her high chair) plus her baby tub filled with lots of the small stuff that no one had bought yet. Boy was it frustrating! I figured out their numbered/color coded system pretty quickly, but you would think the aisles are in order of number right? Wrong. The infant care aisle 2 was next to 15, and it just got worse from there. At one point I was looking for a 3 pack of burping towels (happy I don’t have kids jsut yet) and my friend had registered for some by koala baby with little bears on them. Of course they were not in the section with all the other burp cloths. Nope, they were with all the bibs. What gives? When I was frantically searching for the aforementioned burp cloths I got so frustrated that I just stood there and seriously almost started crying.

Anyway, I got it done in less than 1 hour… only about 58 minutes haha. I decided that since she is having a boy and she LOVES cupcakes I am going to make vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry blackberry mascarpone filling, in cute ducky cupcake liners with more of the filling on top and a little ducky icing decoration on that. Really cute I think, but with adult flavors. I will post pics when I make them! The plan is to make the cupcakes tomorrow, and while they bake I will wrap up the presents (I will post that too) and then on Sunday morning before the party I will fill and ice the adorable little cuppy cakesss.


4 responses to “Babies R Us

  1. Wouldn’t know… I’ve never been to babies r’ us! And Toys R’ Us not very often either?! I had a weird childhood.

    Have a great weekend !!! 🙂

  2. ChocolateCoveredVegan

    Ooo have fun making cupcakes! It’s one of my favorite activities :o)

  3. hahah i had to go to babies r us once to get a baby gate for the dogs, and it was a horrible experience!

  4. RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina

    glidingcalm- i practically grew up at Toys R Us- I knew where every Barbie was because when my aunts came from overseas they always took my cousins and i to buy a toy haha

    chocolatecoveredvegan- my cupcakes aren’t nearly as cute as yours, but i am (hopefully) learning!

    caitlin- it is seriously a scary place, and makes me rethink wanting kids right after marriage next year haha… i have no idea what a boppy is or a hot sling or a cape and all these other things my mommy friends talk about!

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