A surprise ruined

I couldn’t mention it on here because PB reads, BUT… I was PLANNING on surprising him in Philly yesterday for dinner, then flying back in the morning.

I bet you think I am going to rave about how fun it was to surprise him and yadda yadda, but it did not happen. I got to the airport and all was well. My hair was blowdried nicely, I was wearing a cute dress, and I had his gifts. Then the delays began, due to weather in Philly. First a one hour delay, then 2… still I waited. I thought better a quick dinner than none. Finally we boarded the plane, and took a tour of the tarmac… go to ANOTHER gate, and get told to get off the plane as we won’t be leaving yet. Wait another hour when they say it will be two more hours for an update, not even a departure time. That’s when I started crying in front of the flight attendants. How mortifying. I called my dad, and he picked me up. And thank goodness I did.

Late last night I called SW just to find out what happened to that flight (as I was so devastated that I couldn’t surprise my boy!). Turns out they took off and then the weather was so bad and the airport so backed up that they had to go straight to Pittsburgh, leaving the Philly passengers stuck until this morning. Therefore, I made the right decision to go home.

At least I tried. 😦


5 responses to “A surprise ruined

  1. That is the saddest thing. I’m so sorry 😦

    I bet he appreciated it anyway!

  2. jessica maria

    aw, sorry to hear it didn’t work out 😦 but he knows!

  3. I totally appreciated it!! Good thing we are going to see each other tomorrow. You are the BEST for even CONSIDERING the idea. This is one of those situations where you can really say that it’s the thought that counts. Stupid airlines can’t be trusted for ANYTHING πŸ™‚ You are the best, sweetie!! It was definitely a happy birthday just because I have you!

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