Turning into my mom (it’s a good thing)

I just wrote a whole long post about my mom, decided it would make me too sad to reread later, and deleted it.

Instead, I will tell you the story of how my parents met!

My auntie Daniela was dating my Amo (arabic for Uncle) Victor. Victor lived in the states while Daniela lived in Trieste, Italy. He wanted my aunt to meet him in Milano for a couple of days while he was on business, but she wasn’t allowed to go unless she brought my mom (Alessandra). So! Victor decided to bring one of his brothers with him to keep my mom company (plus my dad needed some new Italian suits!). The day the sisters were to arrive, my dad (victor’s brother) was getting a haircut in the hotel salon. He saw a beautiful woman with long blonde hair walk in, and he said to himself “if that is the woman I have to entertain for the next few days, I am going to marry her!”

Anyway, that night he discovered that it was, in fact, her!! They hit it off immediately. At the end of the evening my dad wanted to keep talking to my mom to get to know her, so he asked my aunt if he could take my mom out to a cafe down the street. My aunt said NO! There was a bar in the hotel and so she told him that they could sit right there and talk as long as they wanted. So they did. By the end of the night they were in love and wanted to get married. I am not joking.

The next day my dad bought my mom a promise ring. They were all walking around and my mom pointed to a ring, saying it was beautiful, and my dad went in and bought it for her. I still have it. They extended their trip a few more days, and always said it was the most magical week all four of them have ever had.

It truly was a story of love at first sight.


2 responses to “Turning into my mom (it’s a good thing)

  1. ChocolateCoveredVegan

    Sooooo sweet!!!

  2. Simple and Divine

    Hey Doll! Okay, let’s see… For your engagement party: What kinds of desserts did you have in mind? Email me at jewelz519@aol.com and we can get into more details! I’d LOVE to help you out!

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