Want to make a donation to a worthy cause but are tight on money? (and therefore want to get something else out of it besides the good feeling of helping someone?) There are lots of charities that help you do that!

My favorite is for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island, to which I make a donation every year. I LOVE magazines but I always feel guilty subscribing to them. The Special Olympics of R.I. sells magazine subscriptions at a very low rate, and 12.5% of the cost goes to helping them train! Last year alone they raised $7,000!

Anyway, I just signed up for Cooking Light and National Geographic. I would have spent that $79.90 on something else anyway, so might as well let part of that go to helping my fellow Rhode Islanders!

I encourage all you magazine subscribers to do something similar! You get a great rate, PLUS some of your money helps some organization (google your local area for groups that are involved in this.. I googled “donation + magazine + subscription” and got lots of hits for different charities!)


2 responses to “Donations!

  1. I completely agree w/ this post!!! It’s funny how we spend money mindlessly on crap but when it’s for a good cause, we question the amount of money we can give!… I put out a lot of $$ for charity bike rides and I like it because I get to do something fun for a GREAT cause…

  2. Good work 🙂 You are SUCH A GREAT person – working for the greater good!

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