Annoying little habits…

My friend H and I went for a little ice cream after searching here and there and everywhere for vases for the engagement party. While perusing the flavor board (chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt vs. soft serve swirl) we noticed a cute little older couple getting in line behind us… and then slowly creeping forward until they were practically on top of us. As in.. I could feel his breath on my shoulder, smell his breath, if I turned around I would have been able to kiss him on the lips without moving an inch.


Have people no sense of space? He and his wife (but mostly he) were TOTALLY invading our personal space area. I understand in the States we have a larger personal space requirement, but, seriously?!?!

It took everything in my power to not freak out.

4 responses to “Annoying little habits…

  1. ChocolateCoveredVegan

    Icky! *Shudder*

    I forgot to answer your question on my blog about my breakfast tray: I’m sure there’s some kind of clear paint you could use to put over the pictures, but I’m just not enough of an artist to know what it would be. So I cheated– I cut out a piece of hard plastic and just laid it over the pictures.

  2. You have been spending too much time in Philly – I think we are rubbing off on you!

  3. LOL ~ I totally agree about the invasion of personal space… really freaks me out… maybe getting freaked out by it is a Philly thing 😉

  4. It takes everything inside me to not ATTACK AND DESTROY those people. I mean, hello- you hugging me won’t make the line go any faster!

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