If I could have anything, what would that be?

Have you ever thought- I mean really thought- about what you want out of your life? I know what is important to me, but I am just learning about what I love, what I want, and about how I will achieve that.

A few of things I know…

-I love being in sunshine. I love exercising under the sun even more.
-I am proud that I have muscles, and I want to be more fit and in shape.
-I love really good food… healthy and tasty to be more precise.
-I want to travel to both new and old places. I want to see the world.
-I really enjoy being a hostess and having all types of parties. I want to be better at doing that.
-I love FAMILY and all it represents. I want to have a big ole’ family with lots of kids and I want to stay close with the family I have now.
-I want $$ to do the things I like to do. I want to always be able to afford nice (nice-ish) things and good food and a home and travel expenses and to send my kids to college.
-I don’t want anyone I know to ever go through any type of serious illness, and I want to do everything I can to be as healthy as possible.
I want PB to me in my life forever 🙂

I am sure there is lots more but that is what I could come up with for now…

What do you want?


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