Office Meals

Am I the only one that eats both breakfast and lunch at the office? (And my afternoon snack!!). I typically get in around 7, and at 6:30 I am just not hungry. So I open my office, get settled and eat my breakfast at my desk. I actually really enjoy those few minutes of eating breakfast, doing non-work stuff on my computer, and generally settling in…

This is what my morning breakfast looks like these days… steel cut oats with a small banana, a teeny berry smoothie (berries, ice and water), and an earl grey lavender tea yum yum!

I really miss PB. We won’t see each other this weekend because he is going to L.A. with his friends (lucky guy to go to such a warm place!) but then we get the next FIVE weekends together yipee!! So our schedule now goes…

weekend off, philly, philly, providence, providence, philly (half day work that friday bc we are going to a friday wedding!), then TWO weekends off ewwwww… can you guys tell I am missing him?!?!?!

Here is a pic of us last month….

we need to take more pictures of ourselves! we have been taking tons of pics of our cooking “experiments” but not enough of us whoops!

T-24 days to the half marathon!


4 responses to “Office Meals

  1. jessica maria

    So adorable :):):)

    I really need to start eating breakfast. The office has free milk, so I should get a box of cereal. And bananas on cereal is SUCH a great thing – but I haven’t done it in years!

    Woot woot. More pics of you & PB! I get to see Jesse just about every two weeks…I’m going to TX on the 18th, then he’ll be in NY/Boston/Philly for shows at the beginning of May, and then I fly out to see him in Las Vegas in June. There’ll be a stretch from May to Vegas of about a month though 😦

  2. ChocolateCoveredVegan

    aww, you’re quite welcome :o). Let me know how the cookies turn out! And send me some LOL!

    And with your breakfast, you must make everyone else in the office very jealous!

  3. Thanks so much for the info of how you fit everything in. It was so great to see!

    If you don’t mind I have one follow up question. After work are you not starving? I find myself so hungry after a long day that a snack just won’t do and then to full to exercise after dinner…’s frustrating finding time to exercise with meals etc!

    How did you and PB (I am guessing that’s your boyfriends nickname) meet if you live in different cities?

  4. Leigh-
    when I am going to run right after work I usually have a snack around 3 pm. When I get home I usually think I am hungry but I know that it is not possible since I had had a snack just a few hours before… so I force myself to get out the door and get my run/workout done, then shower and eat dinner.. sometimes I am WAYYY too hungry though so I still do my run first but I eat dinner before I shower…

    Story on PhillyBoy and I to come in a few….

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