Errrr… just a Little Bit Cooky.

I kinda just realized I’m a little bit cooky… here are some of the reasons why:

-When I go to Philly to see my Philly Boy and we grab panini from DiBruno’s, I always have to steal a handful of knives to bring back to RHODE ISLAND so I have enough plastic knives to cut up my bananas with at work (we can’t find boxes of just plastic knives alone and therefore have tons of forks and spoons around but no KNIVES!)

-When I pass someone or have to walk around someone/something instead of just stepping around them I have to step-tap (as in bring my left foot to the other in a tap) and then proceed. totally whacko.

This is the one that really just put me over the edge….

-I am going to Philly today, and I am still too full from lunch to have my organic pureed pumpkin-fage 2% mix snack, but I KNOW that the second I get through security I will be hungry and will want it…(and dinner is not until 8). So, er, I just called Southwest regarding the specifics of the TSA no liquids policy, and found out that if my snack is in a 3 oz container I can bring it through security.. All of this info including the actual prep took about an hour. All for a little yogurt… (it is now packed in two individual teeny containers, then in the quart sized ziploc, and I have packed a paper bowl and a plastic spoon to mix and eat with)

So, like I said, I’m just a little bit… cooky.


One response to “Errrr… just a Little Bit Cooky.

  1. hahaha i love you.
    have fun this weekend! i’m jealous!!!

    (but jesse gets back on tues!!!)

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