I am so disappointed. I decided (for once) to order something from Starbucks. I rarely drink anything but tea, and only go for Starbucks when I want a real treat. So I asked for a Tall Skim Vanilla latte. Well, guess what? It tastes like warm milk… no espresso, and it’s not even hot. I just sent my colleauge (and cousin) back to get me a proper drink! I am so sad they messed this one up.

In other news, Philly tomorrow yayayayayay! We have a great weekend plan… making meatballs for Pb’s Aunt’s Superbowl party, a birthday party to see Hannah Montana (PBs cousin is turning 10!), runs on Kelly Drive, and finally going to watch Borat! Can’t wait!!! Counting down the hoursssss


2 responses to “Starbucks

  1. Hahahaha…Starbucks! Saddo.


  2. i’m going to chi tomorrow and totally counting down too!!!! weeee!!!!!!!!!!

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