pilaf anyone?

Thanksgiving with PB and the Armenians was a blast!

gobble gobbled to the PHL Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by double dinners…

I learned so many important things this weekend!

5- How to play poker, baby!

4- Always know what you want, or your bf will get annoyed with you. This holds true for all decisions, especially with a wide open afternoon… No wishy-washy-ness please!

3- If you want a great nap, head over to the IMAX theater to see Dinosaurs Alive. seriously!

2- Armenian Rice Pilaf is a very important thing to know how to make if I want to keep my little penguino around for a lonnng time (TIP: according to the armo aunties it is ALL in the pot)

1- Spending holidays with PB’s family can be just as fun and full of love, smiles, and cheer as it is with my family… so happy.


One response to “pilaf anyone?

  1. You know how to play poker now TOO? WOO!

    Also, I’m the worst at making decisions and Jesse has at least learned this so he knows he can make the effin’ plans. HA.

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