Champagne wishes and caviar dreams

Today is a good day to start my own blog. I have religiously checked up on the city girls every day- minus the few days they went MISSING in cyberspace. So I guess now it is my time to share my life in little Rhodey…

My life has always revolved around this little circle… family, crazy cousins and aunts, working for my dad, teaching dance at my childhood studio, and more recently.. training for a half marathon in Feb, buying my first property… all of it here where my heart is: little Rhodey.

But now I’m being pulled away… It seems everything I’ve ever wanted can’t be in my small little circle… traveling here and there isn’t enough… and my heart is slowly floating away….

I fell in love with someone whose heart is somewhere else…Mr. A.G…… so what now? Abandon my first love, my hometown.

It’s worth it, for him, for us, but if I leave, will I be forgiven?


3 responses to “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams

  1. You’re running a marathon?!

    Buying a property?!

    See, Sabrina, this is why you need a blog.

    Mr. A.G. and what he means to your life sounds intriguing…

  2. correction: HALF-marathon and… I bought a condo back in April!

    I guess I DO need a blog ha!

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